Issue 15 and Volume 1888 3.

THE GREAT BEAR VALLEY DAM. ONE of the disadvantages, writes from Los Angeles a New York Tribune correspondent, which tend to obstruct the advancement of many sections of Southern California which have been boomed by land agents and speculators is the lack of water, for without means of irrigation there is no chance for development. A few days ago I went over to Redlands to take a trip over the mountains on the back of a bucking Mexican broncho to inspect the remarkable bit of engineering work recently completed in the Bear valley, by which the towns of Redlands and Lugonia receive an unlimited and exhaustless supply of water the year round. The ride is about thirty-two miles over the mountain trail. Leaving the small settlement of Crafton we wind through the Mill creek canon, and then climb over the San Bernardino mountain at an elevation of 5600 feet above…

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