Issue 15 and Volume 1888 3.

AN APPALLING FIRE WASTE. THE following graphic putting of the facts in regard to the annual fire waste of the country, is from an address recently made by Edward Atkinson in Philadelphia: The losses by fire in the United States during the year 1887 will certainly be more than $100,000,000, and may even reach $125,000,000. The insurance against loss by fire, which is now carried at an average of one per cent, exceeds $13,000,000,000, on which a premium is paid approximating $130,000,000, Of this premium not less than thirty-five per cent is expended in the mere cost of conducting the business, making a sum of more than $45,000,000 expended in attempting to distribute the losses by fire over a wider field. The cost of sustaining the fire departments of our towns and cities cannot be less than $25,000,000, and is probably more. The fire tax of the United States for…

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