Issue 18 and Volume 1888 3.

MISCELLANY THE RENTAL VALUE OF FIRE HYDRANTS. AT the recent convention of the American Water-works Association at Cleveland, J. Nelson Tubbs read an interesting paper entitled Suggestions as to methods for an approximate determination of the yearly rental values of fire hydrants, as connected with any system of water-works,” a condensation of which is given below: The popular notion among both engineers and laymen in relation to this subject seems to be, that the fair yearly rental value of a fire hydrant as connected with a particular system of water-works, is an indeterminate quantity. The great range of prices which obtains in the various towns and cities of the country, varying as it dees from $15 to $125, is probably the result of this popular belief. After considerable reflection I am clearly ol the opinion that this popular conception is entirely inaccurate. This remark l regard as especially true in…

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