Issue 25 and Volume 1888 3.

A BIG PUMPING WORK. In March, 1887, a concession was granted by the Egyptian government for reclaiming Lake Aboukir. The works were commenced immediately, and have been pushed forward with an enterprise and dispatch hardly known in Egypt. The contract for constructing the earthworks and masonry was placed in the hands of a local firm, while the making of the pumping machinery, iron buildings, iron chimney, etc., was entrusted to John & Henry Gwynne of Hammersmith, London. The works were designed by James Abernelhy, F. R. C. E., past president Inst. C. E. It may be stated that the area of land to be dealt with comprises 3r,ooo acres, and it is situated on the borders of the Mediterranean. The land was highly cultivated and thickly populated from time immemorial, but early’ in the last century a storm caused the sea to inundate it, and being slightly below the sea…

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