Issue 6 and Volume 1888 4.

WATER SUPPLY —At Green Island, N. Y., the new aqueduct and well for the water-works on Grant Island, are finished. —Fulton, N. Y,. proposes to contract with the water company for a supply. —Butte, Mon., is agitating the water-works question. The Mayor favors building works to be owned by the city. —A system of water-works is building at Pal ouse City, Wash. T. —The Jewell Pure Water Company’s filter plant, recently established at Beatrice, Neb., is doing excellent work. The Big Blue river water is filtered and purified in a manner that is not only satisfactory but astonishing. The Waterworks Company of Oshkosh, Wis., is now using the Jewell filter for purifying the Winnebago lake water, and with success. The samples of unfiltered and filtered water on exhibition at Jas. B. Clow & Co.’s office, Chicago, are worth seeing. —Moffett, Hodgkins & Clarke of Watertown, N. Y., have made a…

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