Issue 9 and Volume 1888 4.

ALUMINUM ALLOYS. A trade journal says: “There have been several announcements recently, both in this country and in England, of discoveries of methods of producing cheap aluminum. Still the new metal is not commercially cheap, nor have any of these discoveries so far materialized as to give to the world a supply of this wonderful metal. There is a concern operating quietly in Jersey City, the Williams Aluminum Company, whose office is at No. 95 Liberty street, New York, which, without making any announcement of a discovery, is now producing cheaply two valuable alloys of aluminum and iron, one for use with cast-iron, and one for steel. The former is called aluminum ferro silicon and the latter ferro aluminum. These alloys have already been widely used, and are proving of great value in foundry practice, and a considerable demand has sprung up for the product from iron and steel works…

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