Issue 12 and Volume 1888 4.

PARISIAN EXPERIMENTS WITH FIREPROOF MATERIALS. The Socété6 Francaise des Amiantes of Tarascon-sur-Rhône, makers of asbestos paper, cardboard, cloths and ropes, and the only house in France which manufactures pure amiante and all its products, gave a very interesting exhibition on Wednesday, June II, in the Place du Carrousel, Paris, under the patronage of M. Lockroy, the minister of public instruction. The purpose was to show how these products could be employed to protect buildings and other erections, especially theatres and booths, from fire. Three models of buildings, the fronts of which were about five feet square, were erected in the open air within an inclosed part of the Place du Carrousel. The spectators sat in front. The central model represented a theatre, with a curtain and the usual decorations. The framework was of wood coated with sheets of asbestos cardboard, while the curtain was of asbestos cloth. The erection on…

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