Issue 12 and Volume 1888 4.

AN HONOR TO THE FIREMEN. Seven firemen lost their lives in the fire at Baltimore on Sunday. Falling walls imprisoned them in a burning building, and they died slowly in horrible agony. A fireman’s life is full of perils. Fighting the flames of a great conflagration, firemen encounter greater personal dangers than the average soldier in a great battle. They fight an enemy that gives no quarter. Captured by that enemy, they suffer death in its most cruel form. After a catastrophe like the one at Baltimore the public proclaims the bravery of tne firemen. Perhaps a passing tribute is paid to their heroism ; perhaps some little effort is made to comfort and help the widows and the orphans—and next week the taxpayers resume their growl over the expense of the department 1 Weil, this is the way of the world. The greatest public service or the strongest personal…

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