Issue 12 and Volume 1888 4.

FIRE PROTECTION OF THE FUTURE. The tendency to erect tall buildings is a growing one. In this city there are a large number that run up ten, thirteen and fifteen stories, and in Minneapolis they are seriously contemplating the erection of a twenty-eight story building, thus beating the world on lofty structures. A building that exceeds 100 feet in height is practically beyond the reach of any fire extinguishing apparatus located on the ground. Hence, new devices and new methods will have to be introduced in order to provide that degree of protection to tall buildings that those of less pretensions now enjoy. In the accompanying sketch Chief Hale of Kansas City outlines his idea of the fire service of the future. Of course his “skit” is exaggerated, and intended to poke fun at the tall building mania, but in view of existing facts there is likely to be more…

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