Issue 15 and Volume 1888 4.

A NEW COMPOUND FOR HARDENING WALLS. A patent has been granted for a waterproof compound adapted to be applied to the floors and walls of buildings to prevent the access of water and dampness, and which will also withstand extreme and varying temperature of air, and which will be practically indestructible. The composition consists of the following ingredients, combined in substantially the proportions stated, viz.: New Zealand (or Portland) cement, 100 pounds ; cream of tartar, 3 ounces ; pulverized ivory, I ounce ; quicksilver, 1 ounce; isinglass, 4 ounces ; marble dust, 5 pounds; sand, 200 pounds ; rain water, 1 pail. In compounding the ingredients a small quantity of cement, for instance, 1 pound, is mixed with the cream of tartar, quicksilver and isinglass and water enough to make a very thin paste, and the composition is let stand about twenty-four hours. If the weather be cold the…

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