Issue 16 and Volume 1888 4.

TO SAVE HIS MASTER’S LIFE. The following incident of San Francisco’s recent big fire is told by The Chronicle of that city: A magnificent black Newfoundland was seen to dash through the crowd and rush furiously towards the huge piles of burning lumber. The flames were leaping high into the air; the very water from the hose seemed turned into steam before it reached the roaring furnace; the hot, burning blasts had driven far to the other side of the street all save the four gallant firemen at the nozzle. On rushed the noble animal to what seemed certain death, but before he could leap into the flames a fireman seized the animal by the collar. The dog struggled desperately to escape, but was held tight and turned over to a policeman, who led him away. Hardly had he been released than he was seen to dart under the shadow…

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