Issue 16 and Volume 1888 4.

LONG CANALS OF THE WORLD. An English exchange gives the following list of long canals: The Imperial canal of China is over 1000 miles long. In the year 1861 was completed the greatest undertaking of the kind on the European continent, the Canal of Languedoc, or the Canal du Midi, to connect the Atlantic with the Mediterranean. Its length is 148 miles, it has more than 100 locks and about 50 aqueducts, and its highest part is no less than 600 feet above the sea, while it is navigable for vessels of upwards of 100 tons. The largest ship canal in Europe isthegreat North Holland canal, completed in 1S25. It is 125 feet wide at the water surface, 31 feet wide at the bottom, and has a depth of 20 feet, and extends from Amsterdam to the Helder, 51 miles. The Caledonian canal, in Scotland, has a total length of…

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