Issue 17 and Volume 1888 4.

A SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT FORCE PUMP. We illustrate herewith the working of a simple and convenient double-acting suction and force pump, adapted particularly for the use of high speed gas or oil engines or electric motors. The pump is known as the “Alert,” and is made by the Goulds Manufacturing Company of Seneca Falls, N. Y. It is intended especially and is peculiarly well suited for the duty of pumping water from a well for the independent supply of a warehouse or workshop, or a country house and grounds. The valves in this pump arc grouped together under the air chamber, and can be rreadily exposed to view by unscrewing the bolts at the side. It is mounted on an iron frame. The connecting rod is made of bronze, while the strong iron yoke is of such a form as to act as a guide rod to the pump, and…

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