Issue 17 and Volume 1888 4.

HOW TO MAKE DOORS FIREPROOF. The following suggestions for fireproofing doors are offered by the Western Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Company: A door of the right construction to resist fire should be made of good pine, and should be of two or more thicknesses of match boards nailed across each other, either at right angles or at forty-five degrees. If the doorway be more than seven feet by four feet, it would be better to use three thicknesses of same stuff; in other words, the door should be of a thickness proportioned to its area. Such a door should always be made to shut into a rabbet, or flush with the wall when practicable; or, if it is a slide door, then it should be made to shut into or behind a jamb, which would press it up against the wall. Both sides of the door and its jambs, if of…

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