Issue 17 and Volume 1888 4.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. MRS. URSELLA JOHNSON of West Somerville, Mass., was arrested last week, charged with setting fire to the stable of her next-door neighbor, a milkman. She is said to have had trouble with him because he used up in his business all the water available and left her without any for household use. How curiously the types will sometimes twist the sense of a sentence. A contemporary last week reported a collision on the Lehigh Valley Railroad between a regular and a “grave ” train ; in which seven men were killed and twenty-nine injured. “Gravel” was what was meant, but it was a “grave” train, indeed. HANDLE kerosene, benzine and gasoline by daylight only. Where gasoline is stored, see to it that there is ventilation from beneath, as the vapor from it, which is highly explosive, is heavier than air, and will not ascend, but must…

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