Issue 19 and Volume 1888 4.

AN IMPROVED EIRE PUMP. The accompanying illustrations represent a pump specially designed for protecting public buildings, factories, warehouses, stores, lumber yards, etc., from fire. It is a large stationary fire engine, which can be operated at a high speed without danger of injury. For operating on the automatic system, an improved regulator is furnished which will maintain any desired water pressure upon the pipes. The water cylinder has extra large valve area. Hand hole plates are provided for ready access to the valves. The lining of pump is of brass, and the piston, piston rod and valve seats are of the best bronze. It is manufactured by the Dean Brothers’ Steam Pump Works of Indianapolis, Ind. The second cut shows in detail the construction of the steam valve gear of the Dean Brothers’ steam pump. The motion of the small slide valve is continuous, like that derived from an eccentric.…

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