Issue 19 and Volume 1888 4.

THE CANAL OF JOSEPH. How many of the engineering works of the nineteenth century will there be in existence in the year 6000? Very few, we fear, and still fewer those that will continue in that far off age to serve a useful purpose. Yet there is at least one great undertaking, conceived and executed by an engineer, which during the space of 4000 years has never ceased its office, and on which the life of a fertile province absolutely depends to-day. We refer to the Bahr Joussuf, the canal of Joseph, built, according to tradition, by the son of Jacob, and not the least of the many blessings he conferred on Egypt during the years of his prosperous rule. This canal took its rise from the Nile at Asiut, and ran nearly parallel with it for nearly 250 miles, creeping along under the western cliffs of the Nile valley…

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