Issue 4 and Volume 1889 5.

TOPICS OF THE DAY EVEN the old city of Damascus, the very name of which brings to many only recollections of the Arabian Nights, has been obliged to submit to the demands of modern civilization and its propertyowners, and will soon have a street railway and gasworks in operation. Truly the progressive spirit does show itself at times in odd places. THE people of Govanstown regard the Board of Eire Commissioners of this city as a heartless set, because they decline to send the fire department beyond the city limits.—Baltimore Underwriter. Did it ever occur to the first mentioned to try a little fire protection on their own account, or come inside the limits and pay their part of the cost of the fire department ? SARNIA, ONT., possesses a magistrate who evidently believes that the incendiary habit should he discouraged. One Matthew Jones was recently convicted there of burning…

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