The New Steamers of the Minneapolis Fire Department.

Issue 4 and Volume 1889 5.

The New Steamers of the Minneapolis Fire Department. The two new Clapp & Jones steam fire engines purchased for the fire department of Minneapolis, were recently given a thorough test in that city before Chief Stetson, Assistant Chief Runge and a number of other interested spectators. The No. 9 engine is of the first size, having pumps 5 1/2-inch x 8-inch stroke, and steam cylinders 9-inch x 8-inch stroke, and weighs only 7500 pounds. The No. 12 engine is of the second size, having pumps 5-inch x 7-inch stroke, and steam cylinders 8 1/2inch x 7-inch stroke, and weighs 6500 pounds. Both engines had sufficient steam to start them and do good fire duty in six minutes from the time of lighting the fire. The test was begun with No. 9, having four one-inch streams, and the No. 12 with three. This test was very satisfactory. Nozzles of i^-inch and…

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