Lonnes’ Natural Cannon

Issue 4 and Volume 1889 5.

Lonnes’ Natural Cannon Lonnes is a charming little hamlet in the Charente. It has one fine large well of deliciously pure and limpid water that supplies the wants of the entire village. This well is near the village inn. A few days ago, writes a correspondent of The New York Herald, the innkeeper forgot to close the tap of a large tank of petroleum that had just arrived from New York. The tap was open all night. In the morning the tank was empty. The petroleum had percolated down into the town well. Since this mishap the entire population of Lonnes have been ” wrestling” with that well. On Thursday all the families of Lonnes found petroleum mixed with their water, and unavoidably absorbed it w ith their soup and with tlieir pvts-au-feu. The inhabitauts soon felt strange perturbations in their stomachs. It became intolerable. A village council was held.…

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