Sixty-two Thousand Water Meters.

Issue 4 and Volume 1889 5.

Sixty-two Thousand Water Meters. A very interesting announcement is made by the National Meter Company of New York in the form of fac similes of two pages of advertising—one published January 16, 1886, and the other in January, 1889. The former calls attention to their having made and sold up to that date 35,000 water meters, while the latter announces the fact of the number made and sold having reached 62,000, showing that in the three years intervening they have turned out 27,000 meters, an average of 750 a month. When it is considered that the making of 62,000 of these devices required the united labor of 50 men for 2480 ten-hour days, equal to 8 years and 80 days ; also that the total weight of metal used in their construction, at an average of 39 pounds each, reached 2,418,000 pounds or 1209 tons, the magnitude of the business…

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