Fire in Cotton.

Issue 4 and Volume 1889 5.

Fire in Cotton. The remarkable number of fires which have occurred upon cotton-laden steamers on the Mississippi river of late, says The Providence Journal, is very naturally provoking anxious inquiry in the South, and it is gratifying to see an agitation begun for an investigation of the whole subject by the cotton men and underwriters. There are, of course, phases of the question peculiar to Southern river navigation. The boats are too often little more than dry shells—tinder boxes, that are almost as inflammable as their contents—while it is commonly understood that the safety appliances are generally either neglected or wholly inadequate. Any inquiry in the South, therefore, if it would have practical results, must deal with distinctively local conditions as well as with phases which are common to every department of the cotton carrying trade. The subject is one of no little importance, and though it cannot perhaps be…

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