Issue 7 and Volume 1889 5.

GAS & ELECTRIC LIGHTING. —The Heisler Electric Company at East Portland, Ore., has succeeded in its fight with the gas company of that city, and obtained the contract for 125 thirty candle-power street lamps. The circuits are twelve miles in length, using No. 8 B. and S. gauge weatherproof wire, and it has been stated by local papers that the lights are very satisfactory to the council and citizens. The plant and circuits will be enlarged and cxtended by H. A. Hogue, proprietor of the central station, so as to enable him to furnish commercial and private house lighting from the same station. This makes six large central station plants of the Heisler system on the Pacific coast, most of them furnishing street, commercial and private house lighting from one central station plant on very extended circuits. —An enterprise is on foot to unite Nahant and Lynn. Mass., by an…

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