Issue 7 and Volume 1889 5.

WATER SUPPLY. —Advices from Waterloo, Iowa, state: “A well, about three miles from Tripoli, has developed into a pusher, and throws a two-inch stream of water about ten feet. It is within sixty rods of the big well on J. J. Cooke’s farm, which has been throwing a six-inch stream to the height of eight feet since last December.” —Coolridge, Kan., has opened its fifth artesian well. —The report of the Artesian Water Company of Alameda, Cal., hied with the board of trustees, recently showed that the receipts for the year 1888 were $46,890.0c; ; running expenses were $21,193.55, leaving a net profit of $24,149.04. The construction account of the works is $364,078.64. T. W. Lydecker’s water-works supplied twenty-five consumers, at a cost of $889.85, for which he received $887.25. —Madison, Wis., during January, consumed 19,652,000 gallons of water, an average of 504,903 gallons daily. The largest consumption in one…

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