A North Carolina Horror.

Issue 17 and Volume 1889 5.

A North Carolina Horror. A peculiarly horrible crime was committed in Macon county, N. C., last week. W. P. Wood, an industrious farmer, lived in the country at least five miles from any neighbors. His family consisted of his wife, three sons and two daughters. Three of the children were grown, and the other two were aged twelve and fourteen years. Wood had saved some $700, and had always kept his money in an old trunk. It was generally known among his neighbors that he had this amount of money in his house, and at one time burglars attempted to break in and get it, but he frightened them away with his gun. On Monday of last week Wood was called away from home on business. When he returned he was horrified to find his house in ashes. A short distance from the ruins he found three axes and two…

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