Municipal Record

Issue 17 and Volume 1889 5.

Municipal Record A Weekly Epitome of Facts and Figures in Relation to Municipal Governments, with a list of Officials in Charge of the Various Departments. FROM SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE TO FIRE AND WATER. CHICAGO, ILL—This great city of the West, covering an area of nearly 28,000 acres, was incorporated in 1837, and has a population of 850,000. It has 350 miles of streets paved with stone-block, cedar block, sheet-asphalt, block-asphalt nnd macadam. About sixty or seventy miles of streets are to be improved, and forty miles of pavement extensions made this year. It is also proposed to make about twenty miles of extension to the main sewers. The city is at present lighted by 30,000 gas. oil and electric ate lights, but it is under consideration to light the whole city by electricity, using twenty-live foot poles and placing the wires underground. The system of waterworks is pumping directly into mains.…

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