The Tuerk Hydraulic Motor.

Issue 23 and Volume 1889 5.

The Tuerk Hydraulic Motor. The following are extracts from a recent copy of the annual report of the Little Falls Water Company, where they have been for the past year testing the different water motors in the market. S. E. Babcock, engineer of the water-works, says: So little seems to be obtainable as to the cost of power by water motors that I have taken pains to arrive at the exact cost in several places where motors are used (metered water at five cents per 1000 gallons, 100 pounds average pressure): Journal office, weekly and job work : No. 2 Campbell cylinder and three job presses, using eight horse-power Tuerk motor ; average cost, 31 cents per clay. Same power by steam, including attendance, would cost $2 per day. F L. Silliman, coffee mill : Two horse-power Tuerk motor, $6.56 for 175 days. J. S. Barnet & Bro., tannery, hair…

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