Bursting of the Conemaugh Lake Dam.

Issue 23 and Volume 1889 5.

Bursting of the Conemaugh Lake Dam. By the bursting of the South Fork or Conemaugh lake dam, two and one-half miles northeast of Johnstown, Cambria county, Pa., there was caused, on May 31, the most terribly fatal disaster of its kind in the history of the United States. This reservoir or lake was situated in the Alleghany mountains at a height of nearly 300 feet above the level of Johnstown. It was about three and one-half miles long by one mile to one and one-quarter miles in width, and was formerly used as a feeder of the Pennsylvania canal. Some years since, however, it was told to the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, an association of wealthy gentlemen of Pittsburgh, who built themselves residences on its banks and used the lake for boating and fishing. It was reported to hold more water than any other reservoir, natural or artificial,…

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