A Unique Water Supply System.

Issue 23 and Volume 1889 5.

A Unique Water Supply System. To the Editor of FIRE AND WATER. About sixteen miles from Knoxville, Tenn., at the terminus of the Knoxville and Augusta Railroad, is the little courthouse town of Maryville. It is a pretty place, lying on the foothills of the Alleghanies, backed north and west by the Cumberland mountains, and round about it are the water courses and hills and dales of the great valley of the East Tennessee. Maryville is no chicken ; she was hatched a number of years before the beginning of the nineteenth century, and although I fear that some of my hospitable entertainers may feel aggrieved, I must say that she is one of the quaintest, sleepiest and most old-fashioned places that I have seen for many a day. I’he very flour mill which grinds away to-day is over a hundred years old, and boasts a great overshot wheel thirty…

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