The New Water-Works at Shefield, Ala.

Issue 7 and Volume 1889 6.

The New Water-Works at Shefield, Ala. On August 6 the Sheffield (Ala.) Water-works Company opened bids for the construction of a new system of waterworks at that place, and the contract was awarded to the Scovel & Irwin Construction Company of Birmingham, who agreed to complete the whole plant as specified for $100,000, work to be begun September 1. Of the works to be constructed The Daily Enterprise gives the following description: The ten miles of main now laid will constitute the “back bone” of the new system, and from it such extensions will be made as in the future may be demanded. The pumping machinery will be placed in a wrought-iron caisson forty-five feet long and twenty-five feet wide, and having cylindrical ends built of Ji-inch steel. The caisson will be covered with a plank deck, and on this will be placed the pump-house. This will be a handsome…

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