A Soft Fall.

Issue 7 and Volume 1889 6.

A Soft Fall. The American lift in the Eiffel tower, at Paris, was subjected to a final test before handing it over for public use. The lift, which consists of two apartments, one above the other, weighs 11,000 kilogrammes, and loaded with 3000 kilogrammes of lead—that is to say weighing 14,000 kilogrammes —was raised to a considerable height. There it was fastened by ordinary ropes, and this done it was detached from the cables of steel wire with which it was worked. What was to be done was to cut the ropes and allow the lift to fall, so as to ascertain whether, if the steel cables were to give way, the breaks would work properly and support the lift. Two carpenters, armed with great hatchets, had ascended to the lift and were ready to cut the cables on a signal. There was a great anxiety. The signal was given,…

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