The Value of Iron Building Construction.

Issue 7 and Volume 1889 6.

The Value of Iron Building Construction. MISCELLANY Under the above heading, Firemaster Fred. Lenz publishes a timely article on the subject in his Der Nord-Deutsche Feuerwehrmann. He says that for a number of years it has been pointed out by professional firemen that the favorite iron constructions are only to a small extent fireproof. Nor do the highly vaunted and solid-looking granite constructions, especially for staircase wells or shafts, possess that reliability with which they are accredited. The writer mentions having seen such a “thoroughly substantial” staircase shaft or tower, which suffered only by the licking flames at the entrance doors, crumble and fall together. Every fire brigade of any experience will know that it is a mistaken idea to regard iron of itself as a fireproof material. The T bearers and columns not provided with an isolating protection very seriously endanger the part of the edifice lying either above…

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