The Rouse Power Pump.

Issue 7 and Volume 1889 6.

The Rouse Power Pump. We illustrate herewith a power pump manufactured by R. R. Rouse of Indianapolis, Ind. This pump has three 3-inch cylinders and is thus triplicate in action and of three times the capacity of one cylinder of the same size and bore, while the stream of water is unvarying. The eccentric and steel shaft are very strongly made. The suction is 2 inches; discharge, 1 1/2 inches; pulleys, 3 inches face, 12 inches diameter. The Rouse pump can be run either quickly or slowly, from 100 to 150 revolutions a minute being about the most effective rate of speed. It will throw from I up to too gallons of water a minute, according to speed, and is peculiarly well adapted for fire protection purposes in factories, shops, public institutions, etc. If desired, it can lie arranged to be operated by hand power equally as well as steam,…

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