Municipal Record

Issue 7 and Volume 1889 6.

Municipal Record FROM SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE TO FIRE AND WATER. Incorporation, Population, Water-works, Paving, Sewerage, Street Lighting, Fire Department, Financial Condition and List of Municipal Officers of Cities, Towns and Villages in the United States and Canada. CEDAR RARIDS, Ia.—We are indebted to J. D. Blain, city clerk, for the following information: “This city was incorporated in 1S56 and has a population of 20,000. Its officers are: Mayor, P. Mullally; city clerk, J. D. Blain; treasurer, J. C. Stoddard; chairman of finance committee. H. V. Ferguson; city civil engineer, G. A. Mitchell; superintendent of water-works, J. C. Fox; superintendent of street lightng, H. C. Waite; chief of police, P. Mullally; chief of fire department, L. M. Ayers; chairman of fire and water committee, George A. Lincoln; health officer, D. A. Dingman. Two miles of streets are paved with cedar block. They are lighted with gas, gasoline and electricity, the Cedar Rapids…

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