A Chapter on Fire Hose.

Issue 10 and Volume 1889 6.

A Chapter on Fire Hose. Some valuable information respecting the manufacture of two important brands of hose is given below, which goes to show the superior quality for strength and wear that is demanded by fire departments, and the almost perfect manner in which these demands meet the requirements. The illustrations given herewith are those of the Maltese Cross (Fig. 1) brand of carbolized rubber fire hose and the Baker patent multiple fabric, solid rubber-lined cotton fire hose. It is a fact that of the former brand over four million feet were sold under a three years guaranty, and only one-quarter of one per cenl was returned to be replaced. In its preparation the “Maltese” becomes absolutely proof against mildew and rot. The carbolic acid solution is introduced into the cotton duck and rubber composing this hose, and retains there from forty to fifty per cent of the amount so…

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