Issue 10 and Volume 1889 6.

PUBLIC WORKS —The expenses attending the contest between D. Lowber Smith and Thomas F. Gilroy for possession of the office of commissioner of public works at New York city amount to, on Mr. Gilroy’s side, $5000 for counsel fees. In litigations involving the title to public office the city pays the expenses of the successful party. The bill for professional services to Mr. Gilroy of Bourke Cochran was $2500; that of James C. Carter the same amount. —Two Halifax city loans were recently taken on very favorable terms to that city. One of $ to,000, four per cent, twenty-five years, was bid for at par for $1000 and 99.13 for $9000. Another loan of $23,600 was tendered for at par for $5000 and 99.25 1/4 for $18,600. —Anaheim, Cal., has decided to issue $600,000of bond*for a new irrigation district. —The third bridge across the Ohio river at Cincinnati was opened…

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