The Fire Protection of Constantinople.

Issue 10 and Volume 1889 6.

The Fire Protection of Constantinople. Americans who have grown accustomed to the stories which have gone the rounds for years about the inefficient fire service of Constantinople, will be rather surprised at being told by an English insurance journal that the arrangements in the Turkish capital for extinguishing fires are now excellent. The improvement in this respect which has taken place within the past few years is said to be due to the energy and practical knowledge of the distinguished foreigner, Count Széchenyi Pasha, a general and adjutant of the Sultan, as well as commander of the Imperial Marine Guards. On the recommendation of the Austrian Emperor, the Count was in 1874 entrusted with the organization in the Turkish capital of a military fire brigade on a very large scale. Szfechenyi formed at first a single regiment and had the necessary implements supplied by a factory in Buda-Pesth, viz.: various…

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