Issue 17 and Volume 1889 6.

MISCELLANY The Anchoring of Buildings, Present Defects and How Improved.* It is a hackneyed phrase that property destroyed by fire is so much available capital utterly ” wiped out ;” this national waste now amounts to $115,000,000 yearly. It may be that the owner has insurance to cover the loss, but he is none the richer and the public or the State is the poorer, for an insurance company collects merely a number of dollars from the public and pays out to the individual but sixty or sixty-five cents as indemnity. The insurance press is correct in saying that the fire appliances are being improved every day, that firemen are doing their work as well as it can be done, but notwithstanding this, the fires cannot be confined to the point of ignition, thereby showing that we must look for the cause in our existing methods of construction, and that…

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