Natural Gas Solidified.

Issue 22 and Volume 1889 6.

Natural Gas Solidified. A process of condensing natural gas has been invented and patented in Anderson, Ind., and is attracting xvidespread attention. The great possibilities of it have attracted the attention of the Standard Oil Company, and representatives of that corporation from Cieveland and New York have made the inventor flattering propositions should the plan prove a success. According to Modern Light and Heat the inventor states that there can be no doubt as to the possibility of his process. He is now engaged in the construction of the necessary apparatus, and will shortly give a practical exhibition by reducing a quantity of natural gas into solid substance. The process itself, as well as the machinery needed to carry it out, is very simple. Gas xvhen transformed into solid matter is not dangerous to handle. Its expansive force is very great, and when the substmee becomes heated above a certain…

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