The Lightning Missed Its Aim,

Issue 22 and Volume 1889 6.

The Lightning Missed Its Aim, About fifteen years ago, when I was in the lightning rod business in this State, said a Detroit insurance man the other day as he slowly sipped his ginger ale, we got a job on a farmers’ big barn in Nankin township. We had had hard work to get him, as he was an unbeliever in the virtue of the rods, but he finally consented and we went ahead, giving him the most solemn assurance, of course, that his barn would be protected beyond question. We had just finished work when a thunderstorm was observed coming up, and he remarked that it would be a good time to test the rods. We put our team in the barn, but preferred the house for our shelter. Well, the storm came along, and as it reached us there was a flash and a bang, everybody got a…

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