Issue 24 and Volume 1889 6.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. ONE charred body is all that has been found of the remains of the four firemen who were buried under the red hot ruins of the Boston fire. And yet there are those who would grudge pensions to firemen’s widows and orphans. SEATTLE, WASH., has a “ prophetess,” who advertises that she predicted the great fire in that place, and will do some more work in that line for a consideration. Now, if that woman had been smart and confided her prediction to one or two insurance companies in time, she might now be living in luxury instead of shuffling cards for a living. As illustrating the severity of the droughts in California during the past season, it is reported that water in the Snake river has been so low that settlers have bitterly complained of the dust raised by the salmon going up stream. They…

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