Hercules Street-Cleansing Machine.

Issue 2 and Volume 7.

Hercules Street-Cleansing Machine. The Hercules sweeping machine, the invention of a Mr. Henshell, which was exhibited recently in action in the Strand, London, is described by Engineering as a combination of a water cart and circular squegee. The water is contained in a cylindrical wrought-iron tank carried on three wheels. Two of these wheels run on an axle, while the third and hind wheel is carried in a frame like that of a castor, The water is delivered by a perforated tube, which directs it on to the roadway in fine jets, the object of which is to combine with the mud and loosen it. Behind the jets is a rotary brush, set at an angle to the roadway, and formed of short pieces of rubber arranged in a screwlike manner. These rubber pieces brush or rub the roadway and deliver the mud sideways towards the gutter, leaving it quite…

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