Philadelphia’s Clock Tower.

Issue 2 and Volume 7.

Philadelphia’s Clock Tower. We give herewith a sectional view of the handsome clock tower which is to grace the new public building in Philadelphia, of which in a recent issue of FIRE AND WATER a general description was printed. The Tacony Iron and Metal Company has received the contract for this work, which, it is expected, will be completed in twelve months. Four wrought-iron box girders will be set on the top of the present granite bondstones, with cast-iron bed plates to insure a solid bearing, and bolted down to eight anchor rods built in the walls. Resting on each of these box girders will be eight composite columns rising vertically to a height of sixty-seven feet eight inches above the marble work, and above that converging toward the centre to support the figure of William Penn at a height of 173 feet 3 inches. Outside of this work will…

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