Issue 2 and Volume 7.

WATER SUPPLY —Gov. Green’s Monmouth County (N. J.) Water Company has been brought to another abrupt standstill. Its offer of $10 per annum for every mile of pipe put down in the roads in Neptune township has been refused by the township committee. The Governor says that the company expects to supply the whole Monmouth county coast with water, and that it has purchased a never-failing stream of water about two miles west of Asbury Park. A rival company is said to be willing to give $1000 per mile annually for the same privileges. —The National Water Purifying Company has closed contracts with the American Glucose Company of Buffalo N. Y., and the Morse Wool Scouring Company of St. Louis, Mo., for National filter plants. —The Harrisburg Construction Company of Harrisburg, Pa., has made a proposition to supply Fayetteville, Tenn., with water from the ice factories. —A scheme is in…

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