Issue 5 and Volume 8.

PUBLIC WORKS —The new sewerage system at Gadsden, Ala., is nearing completion. —Samuel Keefer, a well-known civil engineer, who superintended the building of the suspension bridge at Niagara Falls, and who was also connected with many Canadian public works, died at Brockville, Ont., January 7, aged 78. —Advices from Chicago of January 13 say: “ Since January I the Bridgeport pumps have been idle. No water has been pumped from the river into the canal during all that time. The waters of the river, polluted with sewage, have taken care of themselves. The city outlet of the river has been a small amount discharged by gravity into the canal and its natural outflow into the lake. This statement would of itself be alarming enough to cause the entire Chicago public to shudder. But when it is known that this condition is to continue perhaps a month longer, the situation becomes…

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