Electricity and Insurance.

Issue 5 and Volume 8.

Electricity and Insurance. Notwithstanding that rules for the safe running of wires and installation of electric-light plants are well known, or at least can be gotten out with very little trouble, the fact remains that the manner in which this class of work is still done is open in many cases to criticism. The fact, says the Electrical World, has been called to our attention more than once by electricians from abroad, the most recent of whom, Mr. Addenbrooke, in a paper read before the London Institution of Electrical Engineers, speaks on this point at length; but these criticisms have often little effect upon those in charge of such installations, and it is only when their pockets become directly affected by the condition of affairs involved in such practices that they begin to realize that some change is desirable. This does not happen, as a rule, until the insurance inspector…

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