Issue 5 and Volume 8.

WATER SUPPLY —At Milford, N. H., the question of buying the water-works company’s plant is under consideration by the town. —Better fire protection is needed in the manufacturing district on Lake and Bolden streets at Cleveland, O., and a mile of 16-inch pipe is to be laid on Lake street. —The Northern Pacific Railroad Company has donated to the city of Spokane Falls, Wash., a piece of ground on the hill south of the city, upon condition that the municipality builds upon it a reservoir to supply the city with water. —The Brooklyn Board of Aldermen has received a communication from George A. Evans, president of the Ramapo Water Company, calling attention to the proposition regarding a water supply made a number of months ago and asking that it he further considered. It was referred to the water and drainage committee. —The water-works at Ellsworth, Me., were tested last week…

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