American Water-works Association.

Issue 3 and Volume 7.

American Water-works Association. The following circular has been issued by Vice-President C. N. Priddy of Leadville, Col., to water-works officials: GENTLEMEN—At the present time there seems to be a wide difference in the classification of water rates, with works throughout the United States. As, for instance, one will charge more for a water-closet than a urinal, the next will charge more for a urinal than a closet; one will charge a residence by the number of rooms, another by the number of faucets, another by the frontage, another by the occupancy, etc., etc. Now, for the purpose of preparing a schedule of classification of water rates, to present at the tenth annual meeting of the American Water-works Association, to be held in Chicago May 20, 21 and 22 (and I believe such a schedule will be beneficial to the managers of most every water-works in the country, where it is…

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