The Operations of the Shone Sewerage System.

Issue 3 and Volume 7.

The Operations of the Shone Sewerage System. MISCELLANY In reply to a series of questions regarding the Shone sewerage system addressed by Mayor Ludwig of Winona, Minn., to Thomas Longdin, surveyor of the borough of Warrington, England, the latter official sends a number of interesting details. The Shone system has been in use for over seven years in Warrington, which is a town of 50,000 inhabitants on the Mersey, about twenty miles from Liverpool. The total length of sewer pipes is 4398 lineal yards. The greatest distance from which sewage is brought by gravitation to the ejectors is 2466 lineal yards. The fall in the pipes leading to the ejectors is in one case one foot in 191 feet, and in another one foot in 420 feet. In che outfall sewer the fall varies from one foot in 264 to one foot in 908 feet. The system has not been…

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