The Water Supply of Monroe, Mich.

Issue 4 and Volume 7.

The Water Supply of Monroe, Mich. Chief Engineer J. H. Kurz of the fire department of Monroe, Mich., sends us the following details of an analysis of the water furnished by the Monroe Water Company, whose works were recently described. It was made by Prof. Charles Mayr of Springfield, Mass.: Hygienic analysis of Monroe, Mich., water, January 11 1890: The water contains in 1,000,000 grains— Common salt, 6 grains. Ammonia, 1-10 grain. Carbonates, 81 grains. Lime and magnesia, 49 grains. Nitrates, a trace. Lead, none. Iron, 1 1/2 grains. Odor, none. Aspect, milky from very fine clay and a little carbonate of lime. Conclusions—The water contains— Sewage, none. Draiuage water, none. Surface water, none. Hardness, 5 1/2 degrees—medium. Purity (per cent of alluvial soil). 98 1/2. General character. An excellent water for drinking purposes, good for washing purposes, fair for use in Iwilers. SHELBYVILLE’S WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM.—“This city,” writes a…

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